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Appliances & Features

Casa da Vida II

Vacation Rental Villa

Appliances & Features

Internet / WLAN

  • Starlink satellite internet provides you with the fastest up and download speeds in the area.

  • We'll provide you with the wireless network and password upon your arrival.

Espresso & Coffee Machine

  • The downstairs kitchen is equipped with a DeLonghi espresso/coffee machine.


Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration

  • The downstairs kitchen is equipped with a reverse osmosis water filtration system.  The water is the highest quality drinking water -- it’s free of chlorine, chemicals, and plastics.


Wood Burning Fireplaces (downstairs & upstairs)

  • There are two wood-burning fireplaces in the house. A fire in the downstairs fireplace automatically heats up all radiators throughout the house.


Laundry Machines (downstairs & upstairs)

  • There are laundry machines in the downstairs and in the upstairs kitchens.


Dishwasher (downstairs)

  • There’s a dishwasher in the downstairs kitchen.


Toasters (upstairs & downstairs)

  • There are toasters in the upstairs and in the downstairs kitchens.

Water Kettles (downstairs & upstairs)​

  • There's a water kettle in the downstairs kitchen and one in the upstairs kitchen.


TV (downstairs living room)

  • It's a Smart TV with Netflix access if you enter your login info.

  • There are no satellite television channels.


Iron & Ironing Board

  • There is an iron and an ironing board in the stowaway space underneath the stairs that are accessible via the entry hall.


Hairdryers (upstairs & downstairs)

  • There’s a hairdryer in the bathroom cabinets in the upstairs bathroom and in the downstairs shared bathroom adjacent to the bedrooms.

Saltwater Pool

  • There’s a saltwater pool in the backyard of the house


  • There’s a Portuguese-style BBQ in the backyard.  You can use it with either coal or wood.


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