Lead with Yes

Sometimes you just have to lean in and say 'yes!'


Our 'Lead with Yes' retreat offers a mix of slow movement classes, nature walks, cooking workshops, and other offerings for body, mind, and soul.

Surf & Turf

Hang ten and be zen.


The 'Surf & Turf' retreat focuses on surfing and yoga.  Take surfing lessons with a local guide and build strength and flexibility in yoga classes. 

Breathe, Bend & Boogie 

Expand your lungs, mind, and body.


Our 'Breathe, Bend & Boogie' retreat combines breathing and meditation workshops with gentle yoga and fun dance sessions.

Stay tuned for additional Wellness | Yoga | Pilates | Meditation | Breathing | Slow-Motion Training | Nature Walks | Cooking | Dancing retreats, workshops, and classes!

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